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Company Culture

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Description:Company Culture
Description:Company Culture
Company Culture

Adhering to the purpose, Philosophy and policy

Enterprise Tenet:Unity, Diligence, Pragmatism and Innovation.

Core Concept:Treat customers with heart, Employees with heart, and Work with heart.

Business Philosophy::to provide customers with satisfactory products, to create a first-class brand in the industry, to undertake social obligations, and to create a sustainable development environment.

Management Philosophy:arget-locking, process-oriented, execution-oriented, and attention to detail.

Quality Policy:quality first, customer first, reputation first, and sincere service.

Environmental Policy:establish an environmental management system, abide by environmental laws and regulations, continuously improve pollution prevention, and realize the development strategy of environmental protection.

Company Culture

Treat customers with heart

Quality:According to the customer's quality requirements, it is guaranteed to include zero defective products and provide zero-defect products.

Delivery Period:According to the customer's delivery requirements, to ensure that the products are included on time.

Communication:Sincerely communicate with customers to ensure that all kinds of information requested by customers are timely and unobstructed.

Continuous Improvement:Continuously improve product quality and various deficiencies according to customer requirements and own deficiencies.

Loyalty:Move users, win loyalty, equality and mutual trust, and work together for a win-win situation.

Company Culture

Treat employees with heart

Development Space:Provide a fair and just development space, establish the company's talent pool according to the employee's ability, experience, specialty, and education background, and arrange suitable people to suitable positions.

Working Environment:Continuously improve the working environment and create various environments that employees are satisfied with.

Communication Platform:Establish a communication platform between employees and all levels of the company to understand employees' thoughts in a timely manner.

Learning and Training:Establish a learning and training platform to allow employees to grow continuously.

Company Activities:Carry out various activities of the company with an active atmosphere, so that employees can enjoy a happy atmosphere after work, reduce work pressure, and provide a stage for employees with special skills to show their talents.

Company Culture

Treat work with heart

Philosophy and Value:Respect the company's values ​​and take pride in Dongsheng people.

Rules and Regulations:Comply with all company rules and regulations.

Job Requirements:Work and work according to the standards and requirements specified by the business and type of work.

Boss Requirements:Implement the boss's policy and do everything possible to complete the work arranged by the boss.

Continuous Improvement:In the process of work, keep thinking, strive to find better, faster and more efficient working methods, put forward various improvement proposals, save company costs, and create a relaxed working environment.

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